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You can always see what’s going on with your product. We will give you access to our internal communication and integration tools so that you know what are we working on and when it’s deployed.

Constructive debating

We want to provide you with more than software. We want to encourage a relationship where everyone feels comfortable with debating ideas and improvements.


There are few platforms we haven't used. We've always tried to stay on top of whatever is new in terms of technology and programming languages. We want to share our experience.


Our environment encourages the concept of shared responsibility. We will be proactive on the path to success.

Not a corporation

We're focused on creating value for ourselves and the community. When working together we value trust more than processes.


Access to everything that happens in the company from budget transparency to everything we're working on.


Personal budget that you can invest in yourself (conference, trainings, books etc.). Colleagues willing to learn with and from you.

A voice

We make decisions together. We want your ideas and we want you to feel confortable in sharing them.


We've been working with on a variety of technologies, on different product domains since the company's inception in 2010.


We're on a constant path of improvement and innovation.


Alex and his team are simply excellent. Hard working, diligent, and extremely knowledgeable. Agile Freaks went above and beyond to deliver on time and to budget on a very complicated project. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. - Stephen C Sheppard, Founder Social Artisan Limited -

Calin is able to interpret high level requirements and produce appropriate software implementations with minimal additional input. His work ethic and pro-active manner of progressing the project make it easy for me to recommend him without qualification to others. - Patrick Mackinlay, Principal Consultant at TecSurge Pte Ltd -

Agile development GOD! - Ciprian Borcescu, Project Manager la OkapiStudio -

Calin and and his team are a pleasure to work with. They went above what was required and delivered very solid solutions. We were dealing with some legacy code that needed a lot of care and consideration, not to mention, patience. His knowledge of Ruby and Rails are exceptional. I can highly recommend Calin and his team. - Bobby Wallace, Chief Architect at Krossover -

I've worked with Alex on a number of application development projects and would recommend his work to anyone looking for an excellent developer and team manager. His technical skills are first-rate, and I've learned a lot from him over the course of our projects. He is dependable and provides high quality application code. Working with him and his team is a pleasure. - Michael Zucker, Chief Operations Officer at Acrowire -


About Us

We're the AgileFreaks. We believe in openness, education and clean code.

We reside in Sibiu, Romania. We see openness as a defining element in how we create value. We think that the companies of the future should cultivate relationships of trust with customers, colleagues, and society as whole.

We want to gain access to the best possible education for ourselves and our colleagues.

Our goal is to have a team with self-driven, highly motivated people that find good friends in each other. Experience tells us that everything will fall into place from then on.


AgileFreaks was born out of ambition. Before starting the company, each of us worked in bigger companies. One of the problems there was that often the companies had to make compromises in regards to the people they hired and the quality of work they delivered. We grew tired of this and set out with the mindset of 'no compromises' and people say we're on the good track.

Love for programming

All of our team members must have a real passion for programming. We believe that loving the work that we do will help us deliver products of greater quality.


We dealt with a high variety of software projects and we carried them out with good communication and professionalism.

Our team members

See if you can find the vegetarian wannabe, cyclist enthusiast, barrista and the make-up artist. There are many more you can meet at our office.

Alexandru Calinoiu

Co-Founder & Project Manager

I've been programming since the age of 12 starting with a HC 85 and a tape recorder to load Basic games

Since then in the last 10 years I've worked in some national and international companies and in 2010 I've founded my own software studio.

Passionate about programming (duh!), violin, biking, rock climbing, meditation and a vegetarian wannabe.


Adrian Nistor

Co-Founder & Stuff

Since I was little I was fascinated with computers and I knew my life is going to revolve around them. I tried different (weird) jobs in my past: desktop publisher, IT specialist, embedded software engineer.

I gave up working in big corporations in 2010 when I co-founded AgileFreaks and don't regret it one bit.

I think of myself as an optimistic, quiet and self driven person that enjoys the simple things in life.


Raluca Ionescu

iOS Developer

I'm an iOS developer for a few years now. Working with one of the largest video streaming companies in the US.

When I'm not programming I'm either reading psychology books or indulging in my second job: make-up artist.


Doru Pîrvu


Passionate programmer. Interests span web technologies, architecture and productivity.

I'm a coffee enthusiast in the morning and I appreciate a good software architecture book in the evening.


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Sibiu, Romania, 550352
Phone: +40 745 857479
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