Culture & philosophy

The freaks aim for the high skies with our values, vision and mission in mind.

Our mission

To partner with people that have the initiative to build well-crafted software for businesses that push the world forward.

Agile Freaks people

Our vision

To be the leading example of how work should be done.

Agile Freaks person at the office

Our core values

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Trust & Kindness

Tell the truth and stand by it. Embrace the ripple effect of kindness.


Listen carefully, don’t make assumptions & think before you speak.


Take the initiative because there are always problems waiting for a solution.


Work is part of your life, not your entire life.


Focus on helping everyone around you.


Try to excel at what you do and look for ways to improve.

Facilitating ownership and growth

Working together should be a path to expanded knowledge and personal growth.

Flat structure

Full transparency

We hide nothing, full disclosure on everything that people usually gossip about at coffee time in other companies. Salaries, income, expenses and budgeting, all is available for review.

Ability to influence your work environment

Agile Freaks Improvement Proposal (AFIP). Take your shot and make things better. If there is a problem and you have a solution, do show and tell. We will debate and take a vote. If you manage to convince the majority of us, we will have less of a problem. On to the next one!

Profit sharing

Good times or bad times, we all have a share of the fortune! Your part is determined by time invested and lessons learned in Agile Freaks.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours

You are the owner of your time! Don’t leave your team hanging though!

Remote/ hybrid/ on-site

You can work from our offices, from the comfort of a luxury destination or your shack in the forest! If you are online, we don’t care!

Vacation bonus

A bonus for your first 21 days of vacation! You don’t go, we don't pay!


Meal provided on site or meal tickets. Your choice, your food.

Health and pension contributions

Prevention and saving for old age is key.

Training and support for your own ambitions

Craft budget

A yearly budget to perfect your craft. You can buy software, hardware, books, conference tickets, whatever your craft desires!


Get paired with a mentor to help you overcome your professional challenges, exchange ideas and help you make that great idea of yours happen.


Take 4 hours a week and learn something new. Explore new possibilities, do it alone or meet up with other freaks and work together on something that takes you to a new level.

Startup fund

Money should not be a problem when solving real world problems. Pitch us your best idea and we can assist you with money and know-how. 

Born in Agile Freaks


Good drivers save time and money with Reasig.

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Making a difference together

Volunteer, connect and transform our community

Getting to know each other

Our recruitment process is tailored to find the match between objectives, ours and yours.

The interview process


The first stage is about introductions and getting to know each other. It’s a one hour online talk about who we are, what we need and what drives us forward.


The second stage consists of you solving a problem and us doing some code reviews. The goal is to determine your experience level.


Final stage is a meet the freaks kind of thing. You get to meet with some of the people you will most likely work with and determine if they are the people you would like to see everyday, have coffee or even take home for Christmas.

Meet the founding freaks

Founder Interview: Calin

Founder Interview: Adi

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