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Transforming the auto insurance landscape with Reasig

At Agile Freaks, we’ve developed Reasig from the ground up, creating an innovative mobile application that revolutionizes the auto insurance landscape in Romania.

Our vision was to craft a solution that simplifies and streamlines the insurance purchasing and management process, equipped with functionalities that cater specifically to the needs of today’s drivers.

Our commitment was to conceptualize and develop an application that addresses the complexities of insurance management and offers ease of use, security, and operational efficiency.

Here’s a snapshot of the technologies and approaches we employed

Native Apps (Swift and Kotlin)

We built Reasig using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android, ensuring top-notch performance and a user-friendly experience on each platform.

Offline Support

To enhance accessibility, we integrated offline capabilities, allowing users to access the app’s key features even without an internet connection.


We leveraged GraphQL for our API design, focusing on efficient data retrieval. This approach minimizes network requests, making the app more responsive and data-efficient.

CQRS and Event Sourcing

We adopted CQRS and Event Sourcing to segregate read and write operations for improved performance. This method also facilitates a detailed recording of data changes, vital in managing insurance policies.

API Encryption

Recognizing the sensitivity of insurance data, we implemented stringent API encryption to secure data transmission against potential threats.

GDPR Compliance

We ensured that Reasig is fully GDPR compliant, emphasizing the security and privacy of user data and empowering our users with control over their personal information.

Elixir Backend

Choosing Elixir for backend development, we capitalized on its scalability and maintainability features, which are crucial for managing the high volume of user interactions typical in insurance applications.

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Visit the Reasig website and join the 400,000 drivers who downloaded the app.

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